Wee Half And Half : Whisky And Beer Bouquet

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For every dram an ale.

It’s traditional in Scotland to drink a whisky with a half pint of dark beer, so we’ve teamed up with Old Worthy Brewing Company from the Isle of Skye so you can share this tradition as a gift in the form of a Half n Half Beer Bouquet.


Three 330ml bottles of Old Worthy Beer

– Leithers’ Cure for Scurvy: Whisky infused marmalade pale ale 5.5% – brewed to pair with blended scotch whisky

– Wild Bills Aces & Eights: Salted Chocolate Porter 5% – brewed to pair with American Oak matured single malt scotch

– So Hipster It Hurts: Banana Bread Rye Ale 5.5% brewed to pair with sherry oak matured single malt scotch

Three bottles of fine scottish whisky – 5cl

– Black Bottle blended scotch whisky. Curiously rich and slightly smoky whisky crafted to a secret family recipe.

– Glengoyne highland single malt scotch whisky. Nurtured then matured for 10 years.

– The Arran Malt single malt scotch whisky. Aged for 10 years.






One Bro-quet small beer bucket.

One Bro-quet bottle opener keyring.

Choice of gift tags which you can add your own personalised message to.

made from:

Glass bottles containing whisky and beer

Bucket: galvanised steel with wooden handle.

Cardboard lid with bottles protruding from top of bucket (as see in the main image).

Keyring: plastic and metal.

Gift tag: cardboard and brown string.
H25 x W25 x D25cm, approx 5kg

This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.



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