Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts - Beer Bouquets

Let your groomsmen ... or bridesmaids  know you appreciate their support on your special day with the unique gift of a beer bouquet. 

Making the decision to wed may not have been as difficult as selecting the members of your wedding party without hurting feelings!  Just as you have made these decisions with care, your Maid of Honor, Best Man, Brides Maids and Groomsmen feel a special responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly on your Wedding Day. And Newlyweds can honor the members of their wedding party, with wedding beer bouquets to show your appreciation.

Our beer bouquets are made up of bottles of real ale or craft beer, hand selected from some of the UK's finest small and independent breweries – you won’t find these bottles in the supermarket!

As well as exceptional beer, each beer bouquet comes with: a glass, bottle opener keyring,  and a selection of quality bar snacks or luxury chocolate. 

Groomsmen beer bouquets are available in two sizes.


Champagne Beer

For an extra special gift we also have fabulous champagne beer  Deus Brut des Flanders
Each 750 ml bottle comes with it's own presentation box and thank you gift tag.

Beer Bags

If you're looking for a smaller gift - why not give them a simple beer bag.

Available with real ale, craft beer, craft lager and cider bottles it contains three bottles of beer and a bottle opener keyring.